Year End Giveaway

It’s the end of the year and I’d like to give you something that will help you get ready for 2019.

Two things actually.


  1. I did a Rec Heads and Camp Nerds podcast episode all about reflecting on the previous year and included the 20 questions in a pdf on the show notes page, so you can head on over there and check that out. (psst. Just click the highlighted link above for both things!)


    2.  Scroll down just a smidge to sign up for my mailing list and get my free Goal Setting workshop. 

I’ve done this workshop with a number of staff (and friends) and have seen some great results from it. So join my mailing list, grab the freebie, use it, share it with your team, and get awesome updates and more cool freebies.

There’s also a handy dandy podcast episode that goes with it too! 


I’m trying to work out some ways to be more consistent with this little ol’ blog in the New Year, so it doesn’t get neglected as soon as I have too much on my plate (if you have any suggestions, please, feel free to share!) but I want to thank you for sticking around even when I’m a little flaky and MIA. SO, if you’re on my mailing list, I’ll be sending you another little goodie your way in the coming week. 


More to come soon. 

I hope you have a very safe and incredibly happy New Year! 


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