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What Inspires You?

If you’re like me, you don’t mind going to work on Monday mornings. You’re excited about all the goals you have laid out for the week, ESPECIALLY this time of the year where you get to watch those registration numbers go up and up and up.

It’s how I imagine gamblers feel when the slot machine is tallying up their winnings (I’ve used a slot machine exactly twice in my life, the first time was when I turned 19 and was legally allowed in the Casino and the second was seven months ago when, on July 1st, my husband and I realized the Casino was open even though it was Canada Day, so we popped in, lost $6.00 (yep, that’s right SIX dollars. I didn’t leave out any zeros) and decided that we DID NOT understand the appeal of giving away money in a windowless room for the “thrill” of pushing a button (you don’t even pull the arm anymore!?!)
BUT, for people who like gambling, it’s thrilling! And that’s always how I felt during registration season.
So. Much. Fun. It inspires you to jump out of bed with the enthusiasm of a kid on the first day of summer camp (heh. I mean, how could I NOT use that analogy?)



All of the excitement of registration inspires you to work harder, tweak the programs and training schedule to make it *just* that much better, make those few extra phone calls to track down those hard to reach references, and boy oh boy are reports more fun during this season. I used to LOVE sending out my Friday registration updates when those numbers were climbing.

I will never forget the day the ACD and I realized that we had broken a registration record – we did a happy dance in our CEO’s office doorway. He already knew we were weirdos (Have I told you the Yoda story? If not I’ll post it next week) so this didn’t really phase him.


But what if registration is down?

Or, what if you haven’t opened registration yet?

Orrrrr what if you’re doing something other than camp this summer, but are still camp adjacent, doing consulting work, or maybe you happen to have a little store on a little ol’ marketplace (*wink wink, nudge nudge,*cough* Patchwork* cough*). Peh.heh.heh.

How do you stay inspired and motivated to get all the things done that you need to do?

Although, according to Mel Robbins “motivation is complete garbage”. Check it out!
(There’s some mild swearing)



BUT I’m someone who likes to feel INSPIRED. And often, I have to manufacture that inspiration for myself.
Sometimes thinking about the impact that the program will have on the campers is all it takes, other times thinking about past staff and the growth that I saw in them will do the trick.

But often, all it takes is a cheesy quote.
I know there are people who really dislike quotes, and don’t see the point in them. But that is not me. I LOVE them.
I have a whole little line up of post-it notes next to my desk with inspiring words for me to glance at when I’m feeling distracted or lazy. And more often than not they work!
(A little work playlist never hurt anything either)

I even put a quote as the image on my desktop in the BRIGHTEST colour I could find – so I’d be forced to notice it, because I’m someone who will talk myself out of things if given the chance, so I need to remind myself to just start.



And it helps.
Seeing other people (especially my friends) doing really cool, productive, impressive stuff helps too.

What inspires you?
Photos? Mantras? A looming deadline?

Tell me all about it in the comment section below!




  • Great post Patti. We all have moments of “ugh” in business and I appreciate you sharing your experiences. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone as women in business. When I find myself going to the dark side I take time to think about all that is going right. There is usually way more of that to focus on. And I cry. Cause yanno. It helps 😆

    • Thanks Heather!
      I love that you focus on all the good things! That’s one of the things that’s so great about you. 🙂
      And LOL about the crying – it does help, although I try to avoid it, because having human emotions sometimes makes me uncomfortable. hahaha

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