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Make Gathering Feedback Less of a Chore

As some of you long time readers may know, I’ve partnered up with JotForm before AND I’ve used their free forms at my own camp(s) for registration and feedback.

I used JotForm for an LIT program at my old camp because the new program needed a different (and cost effective) sign up process than my regular camper registration.
I’ve used it for registration at the faith based camp I’ve been helping the past two years, and I used it for my own camp this past summer. So I truly believe in this system, which is why I LOVE partnering with them for sponsored posts, to bring YOU more information on using it for registration, gathering parent or staff feedback, etc.

Anyway, enough about me… on with the article!!



From face paint to mud runs, there’s always a lot going on at summer camp and some of it can get messy – it’s part of the fun.

But with all that going on out there, it can be difficult for camp managers and directors to also keep everything running properly in here – online – where campers register for camp before they actually arrive and parents provide feedback on their experience working with the camp.

When you think about it, there’s actually a lot of information that needs to be gathered online before campers can start excitedly packing their bags full of unfolded clothes and diving head first into camp. Why not streamline information collection process so both parents and staff can focus on other things, like craft hour or rope climbing? Sounds more fun to me!


As camp managers, there are plenty of times when you have to try something new, update a standard, or rethink a way of doing things. Once you find a way that works, the idea is that you share it with the group so that other managers, directors, and staff can spend their time solving other problems and updating different formulas.

When it comes to facilitating a fun and successful camp experience, gathering campers can be half the battle. The other half tends to be centered around gathering other things like camp registrations, parent feedback, and payments, to name a few.

Figuring out the best way to collect this data is something that camp managers have struggled with since there aren’t many solutions that seem intuitive and easy to implement. (Patti’s note: And budget friendly!)

Traditionally, many camps have turned to paper forms to gather information, which is a time-consuming, multiple-step process. It consists of creating a questionnaire online, printing out copies, distributing them by hand, then re-collecting them and manually entering in all of the data into the computer. Talk about more time spent on paperwork and less time spent on camp!


About JotForm

To alleviate this burden and free up valuable camp manager time, online form builder, JotForm, has a simple, feature-rich solution that will help camp managers easily collect and store camper information.

JotForm is a great online form builder for a few reasons. For starters, it’s completely free, and on a tight camp budget, any money saved is a plus. This tool also makes it incredibly easy to build and distribute online forms. With JotForm’s drag-and-drop interface, managers can quickly create any type of form from scratch with zero technical skill.

JotForm is also unique in that it has two form formats to choose from – Classic and Cards. Classic forms are traditional looking and show all questions on one page, while Cards only show one question per screen so respondents can focus on what’s being asked.

Both of these form types are fully customizable, so camp managers can include anything from camp logos to images of campers to fun videos! There are also helpful integrations available to sync forms with, such as Google Sheets and Trello, which makes managing information and workflow a breeze.

Once the form is built, it only takes seconds to publish and can be sent out via email or embedded onto your site. It’s pretty wild, if I do say so myself.



Camp managers and their staff are, essentially, on the clock 24/7. It’s like being a parent to a whole camp full of students, and sleep can become less of a certainty and much more of a question. With everything you put into the summer camp experience, you should have a simple way to collect information.  

JotForm forms are great because they can be used for any type of information collection –  from parent feedback to camper healthcare information to staff surveys! Because camp managers love taking extra precautions, JotForm’s data collection tools are safe, secure, and HIPPA compliant.

Besides collecting data, JotForm also has a PDF Editor, which takes form responses and automatically turns them into polished, designed documents.

This is great for registration forms or permission slips that require a copy be returned to the parent.

(Patti’s note: And also great for including survey responses as an appendix of your end of season report!)

No matter what type of camper data or parent feedback you’re looking to collect, using a robust, camp-friendly online form builder, such as JotForm will be a sure way to make gathering information more fun and less of a chore.


What about you guys?

What do you use online forms for? Do you have a favourite system? Do you use the same system for everything?

Tell me about it in the comment section below.


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