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Over on the Patchwork Marketplace Blog I wrote a post about some of our favourite apps that we use for business.

So I decided to do a list over here too, about some of the OTHER apps that I use a lot. I strongly recommend that you check out the Patchwork post to see the rest of my faves too.



I used to use this all the time when I was at camp, because I didn’t always have internet access so I’d just write my blog on Mars Edit and post it when I had internet.




I use this a lot to edit my Instagram photos. Add stickers, text, etc.
It’s fun and super easy to use.
If you use Instagram, come find me at The Camp Nerd.




This is kind of an obvious one, I know. But I thought it was worth sharing just in case anyone wasn’t familiar with it. It’s another app for Instagram, it allows you to repost someone else’s photo – with credit to them, which is so important!
Same thing I said above, The Camp Nerd, come find me. 🙂




I firmly believe that creating positive habits is one of the keys to success. I use this app to track that I’ve accomplished my daily goals, the number of glasses of water I’m drinking, how many pages I’m reading, etc.
It’s a fun game of trying ‘not to break the chain’.




I’m a huge fan of tracking things, and of reading. So Goodreads is kind of a perfect fit.
Not only can you track what books you’ve read, but it also recommends them to you too! It’s kind of like the Netflix of books. If you join, come find me, we can be Goodreads friends!




Ok, full disclosure, I’m not great with Twitter. It’s not my favourite platform, I much prefer Instagram but if you manage multiple Twitter accounts, you can see all of them laid out across your computer screen, and it just makes life so much easier! You can track account activity and key words too.
If you use Twitter, find me at The Camp Nerd (maybe it will encourage me to post more often… ).



I kind of hate the name, but it stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Not the evil derogatory term that’s usually associated with the word.
It’s similar to photoshop, but ‘they’ say it’s a little harder to use (I have no frame of reference, I’ve never used photoshop). I think it’s simple enough once you play with it for a little while, and best    of all, it’s free. I use Gimp to create all of my nerdy camp designs.



So there you have it, the second half of my favourite apps. If you haven’t checked out the Patchwork post with the first half, then I highly recommend you do, a lot of them are more business related as well.


What are your favourite apps? Tell me about it in the comment section below!











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