Camp Director Daily Log

Simply update the excel camp dates document to reflect your sessions and dates, then do a mail merge in the daily director log word document. (See below for a mail merge tutorial)

You’ll have a whole summer’s worth of documents.
I recommend printing them off and putting them in a duo-tang, but that’s just a personal preference.

Happy documenting!

Camp dates – daily

Daily Director Log


Mail Merge How To


*Before you start your mail merge, go into the excel document and update it with your dates and session names.


Step 1.

Open the word doc. Choose the Mailings tab.

Click Select Recipients.


Step 2.

From the Select Recipients drop down menu, click Use an Existing List.


Step 3.

Choose the Camp Dates Daily list that you’ve downloaded.
(Usually in the downloads folder, but it may have gone to your desktop or to a different folder depending on your computer settings.)


Step 4.

A dialog box will pop up.

Select Sheet1 and leave cell range blank, click OK.


Step 5.

The information for Day/ Session/ Date should now look like this <<Day>>, <<Session>>, <<Date>>

Click the Preview Results button in the toolbar, and you should see your specific information appear.


Step 6.

You can use the arrows to the right of the Preview Results button to scroll through the document, to make sure that your calendar dates line up with your session days and names.


Step 7.

Click Finish & Merge once you’re satisfied with your document.



Step 8.

On the Finish & Merge drop down menu, choose Print Documents.

This will take you to your printer pop up window, where you can review one final time before printing.


You can use this document over and over again, just update the dates on the excel document each year.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about this process.

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