Hi new friends, my name is Patti and I am a camp nerd, through and through.

I’ve worked in the camping industry for 18 years, working my way up from counsellor to director and everything in between.
I love talking about camp, reading about camp, pinning camp things, and watching camp movies. It’s my full time job and my full time hobby (well, almost, I do other things too, cause ya know, balance).
So I thought I’d start writing about it to share some of my experiences and thoughts with other camp nerds. Including things I wish someone had told me when I was starting out as a shiny new camp director, and some lessons that I’m still learning along the way.

P & W

Recently, I left my full time directing job, and have started a new adventure as an entrepreneur with Patchwork Marketplace, doing some volunteer consulting work with some local non-profit camps, and am in the early stages of starting my own private camp.

When I hang up my whistle and tuck my clipboard away for the night, I’m also a wife, a well trained human to some spoiled cats & pup, and a recovering (and lapsed) chocoholic.

I’m trained at breaking the ice (it is literally part of my job, and I know about 100 ways to do it). So drop me a line and we can chat it up!

Thanks for stopping by!






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