A Roundup – 10 of the Best Camp Resources

Yesterday I was chatting with a camping colleague over at Summer Camp Secrets and I realized that I should share some of the amazing resources I’ve curated over time (ohhh…. makes me sound so fancy doesn’t it? Fancy Pants Camp Nerd. That’s what they call me. And by they, I mean me… just now.)

Annnyway, here are 10 truly awesome summer camp resources you need to check out now. (and by check out, I mean read every single word and watch every single video, if you’re anything like me. They’re that good.)

In no particular order, (drumroll please)
This site hasn’t been updated in a while, but they have some really good blog posts and some great videos of songs being led by camp staff (which is nice if it’s a song you’ve never heard before, so you can see how it’s done)

Vision Realization 
This is a phenomenal resource. There are tons of free resource materials and a great list of referrals to other camp pro websites (some of whom are on this list as well)

West Bend
This is actually a really useful site. There are a lot of risk management resources including safety tips, best practice guides, videos and blog posts.
Disclaimer: This is a website for an insurance company, but they’re not my insurance company so I can’t speak to or endorse their services. They do have some awesome free resources though. This is not a sponsored post.
Bob Ditter is a guru – I know I’ve talked about him before here, but it’s worth saying again, if you’re not familiar with Bob Ditter and his “Ditterisms” you need to be. You’re welcome.

This site has some seriously amazing resources, they use podcasts, interviews, blog posts, newsletters and a number of other resources* to help #CampPros run exceptional camp businesses. I’ve already referenced Camp Hacker in this post and the site is full of more gems like that.

Summer Camp Revolution
This site has some terrific resources, my favourites are the posts on camp culture – but honestly, every section is worth reading. I’ve had a lot of “ah-ha” moments while reading this blog.

Camp Business 
So this is a fantastic online resource AND it’s a magazine, AND it’s free!! What!? I know.
Even cooler than that (to me, at least haha), I submitted an article a year or two ago and they printed it!! Neat! AND I sent them some pictures to accompany the article… and next thing I know my mug ended up on the cover of the magazine with one of my lovely campers. Faaa-mmous!!

"On the cover of the Rolling Stone…" That is how this felt!! haha My friend Kayla and I on the cover of Camp Business Magazine

“On the cover of the Rolling Stone…” That is how this felt!! My friend Kayla and I on the cover of Camp Business Magazine

Summer Camp Programming
This is, by far, the best resource for camp program ideas! AND he has these fantastic roundtable compilations that are available to purchase (or they’re free if you participate by the deadline). Be warned though, you’ll want to do ALL the things!!

Ultimate Camp Resource
So many things!!! This site has games, activities, art projects… it’s a counsellors paradise!

Dragon’s Campfire Songbook
This site has an AMAZING list of camp songs – I use this resource all. the. time.
AND she has a really great little campfire planning tool right here.

*Ok so I mentioned that Camp Hacker has tons of resources, but what I didn’t realize until I was making this list is that one of their newest ventures Go Camp Pro (which I recently joined) has a number of people from this list as members!
As you may well have noticed from the name is that I’m a *bit* of a camp nerd, and I totally geek out and ‘camp fan girl’ when I get to have discussions and share ideas with the people I’ve been learning from. It’s very, very cool.
They also have a Facebook Group with some great discussions and a super Pinterest page you should check out. While you’re at it, why don’t you check out my Camp Nerd Pinterest Page too. And if you’re not familiar with Pinterest, I apologize in advance for the amount of time you’re about to waste spend pinning everything under the sun.
OK, there you have it, 10 of my favourite camp resources. This is most definitely not an exhaustive list… keep your eye out for another one down the line – maybe I’ll talk about some of the camp ‘entertainment’ blogs I follow.

What are some of your go-to camp resources? Tell me about them in the comment section below.



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