New Camp Director Pro Tip Self Care at Camp

A quick healthy snack for busy days

Sometimes camp gets a little chaotic, am I right?

There have been times where I’ve missed more than one meal, and realize that I’ve not had nearly enough (or any) water that day.

Those days aren’t great on the ol’ Personal Care O’Meter (man, I wish that actually existed!! That would be a super fun tool to use)


On those days when I don’t have time to turn around and think let alone sit down and eat a meal, I will try to grab a smoothie that I can sip on the go.

I try to have a few ready to blend smoothie bags ready to go for my most hectic days.

Here’s how I make mine.

Step 1.

Assemble ingredients
I don’t use dairy so I have some alternatives here, but you do you, man.

Almond Fresh (dairy milk alternative)
So Delicious yogurt (dairy yogurt alternative)
Frozen mangos
Frozen mixed tropical fruit

IMG 2940

 Step 2:

Ok this one is a neat trick.
Spoon your yogurt into an ice-cube tray then freeze it.
Then just pop those suckers into your smoothie bag! 1 or 2 will do.

IMG 2938

Ohhhh lala… check out that frozen deliciousness.

IMG 3519

Step 3:

Now this one is important… chop up those bananas, measure out your frozen fruit and veggies and stuff ’em in the bags. Don’t forget to pop the yogurt in when it’s frozen.
I usually do about half a banana, 1 cup of fruit, about 2 cups (or handfuls) of greens, and two blocks of yogurt.
Play around with the ingredients depending on how sweet you want the smoothie.

IMG 2943

Step 4.

Freeze those puppies!

Once they’re frozen you’re ready to toss ‘em in the blender, add a little milk (or alternative) and some water and BAM, you’ve got yourself a delicious snack that you can take on the go.

IMG 2944

Step 5.

Blend it up, yo.

Smoothie Collage

Then just pour it into a travel mug or glass and you’re all set to sip away!

Personally I like to use mason jars, not only because I can blend it up and leave it in the fridge for a while if I need to without the air getting at it, but also because everything’s more fun when you drink it out of a mason jar. Proven fact friends.

AND if you’re campers see you drinking your “green sludge” as some of them like to call it, you can have a great conversation about it and different types of food, inclusion, differences, acceptance, etc. Learning moments. Yay.
Sometimes campers are even brave enough to try some, and they realize that it’s freakin’ delicious!!

I got these adorable little mason jar covers and straws at Target. How cute are they?!

IMG 3554

So there you have it, a super easy way to give you self a quick (and delicious) boost of energy on those super hectic days.

How do you fuel yourself on days when you don’t have time to sit down and eat a meal? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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