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5 Things That Make My Camp Day Better

As we all know, camp can be stressful at times. It can be wonderful, hilarious, fulfilling, and hard. Very, very, hard.

There are long days (although they often become the funniest stories), tough decisions, difficult conversations, and so many challenges.
Spending time with campers is obviously a great remedy for beating stress and reminding us how wonderful our jobs really are but there are also small, simple things that can just brighten up your day.
Here’s my list of little things that make my life just a little bit better at camp.


Gain laundry detergent – moonlight breeze

Ok, bear with me for a minute. I know this sounds SO dumb, BUT when I discovered this laundry detergent it smelled so yummy, AND I discovered that if you scratch your clothes the scent comes out!!!
Hello, scratch and sniff clothing!! Yes, please!  (Which is especially handy if you have bug bites, because at least there’s an upside to itching!! LOL)
Also, this is not a sponsored post… I’m just a fan (and a weirdo). lol

Doing laundry

This is actually unrelated to the last one, but when I was really stressed out at camp, I would pop into the laundry building and put some cycles through.

There is nothing more cathartic than folding clothes that are still warm from the dryer.
When everything feels hard and complicated, having something you can complete start to finish in a few hours is a really nice feeling.


I don’t know about you guys, but I sometimes missed meals during camp, and a bowl of cereal was a quick and easy solution (plus I LOVE cereal), I’d also have leftover oatmeal (cause apparently I was the only one who liked it) or rice and beans (the cooks would make a special batch for me, cause they knew it was my favourite, and then I would fist pump and chant “RICE AND BEANS, RICE AND BEANS).
I also went through a twizzler phase at one point.


Also, if any of your staff try to disagree that oatmeal is the BEST meal, direct them toward this video.


Insoles for my shoes

Ok, this one might be showing my age a little bit… lol BUT once my ACD and I made a pre-camp Walmart trip and bought some insoles for our shoes, it made a HUGE difference in our days.

You’re just on your feet a lot, and I was at a super small camp – literally, it was designed so that people with mobility issues wouldn’t have to walk far to get from one place to another – and yet, we were always on the go.

You just end up having so much energy and are able to maintain a good mood when your feet aren’t sore, plus, they were pretty, so that’s fun.

Insoles for the win!

These are not the actual ones I have, but they’re similar. I think mine came with 2 or 3 in a package.


A Partner in Crime

Donna was the Assistant Camp Director for five years.
She’s a wonderful human, an incredibly hard worker, a creative thinker, a great cook, and a tiny person who looks like she’s 13 but is actually a fully fledged adult.

To me Donna was a partner in crime, a confidant, a sounding board, a co-captain of the ship, a different perspective when I needed it, a source of entertainment, a co-conspirator, yin to my yang, someone I absolutely trusted to make good choices and direct camp in my absence, and she was and continues to be my friend.

Having a Donna of your own is priceless, (I mean, they can go by a different name, or you could nickname them Donna – that would be cool by me!)
You need someone who has your back, who balances out your personality and work style, and who you actually enjoy spending time with – cause you end up spending a lot of time with members of your leadership team.

It makes your day SO much better to have someone you like and trust by your side on the hard days, and makes it even more fun on the good days!


So there ya have it, five things that made my days a little better at camp.

I realize it may seem like a strange list, and you may feel the need to start calling me “Old Lady Sampson” since I listed two different components of laundry, oatmeal, insoles, and a tiny person named Donna as the things that brighten up my day.
But I’m weird, I never pretended otherwise.

Tell me the things that brighten up your day in the comment section below, and tell me if you agree or disagree with any of the things on my list.









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