5 Quick Tips

5 Quick Tips – Running a Meeting (with camp counsellors)

Meetings are a part of the job, not everybody likes them but they’re a great way to pass information, check in with people and highlight some of the positives or give feedback about what you’d like to see happen. Here are some lessons I learned along the way to prevent grumbles from your staff when they hear there’s a meeting.

1. Be Positive.
Nobody likes a Negative Nelly (sorry Nelly, you know it’s true). Try to find ways to focus on the positives, and smile. Chances are your staff are tired and either want to get on with their day, or go to bed (depending on meeting time) so send them off on a positive note. Give high fives.

2. Be Concise.
This is always such a challenge for me. I’m chatty, and in meetings nobody likes a Chatty Cathy either (man, poor Nelly and Cathy!) Say what needs to be said and try to keep the notes to under 5 things. (So they can remember then on their fingers)

3. Bring snacks.
Win them over with food. Counsellors love snacks. Nuff said.

4. Be fun.
Meetings don’t have to suck – like I said earlier, SNACKS! Also, themes. I’ve had many themed meetings over the years and I get a lot fewer groans and complaints than I do with non themed meetings. It makes it more fun for you too. Keep your eye out for list of ridiculous meeting themes that I’ve done, I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

5. Know when not to have a meeting.
Not a lot to say? Checked in with everybody already that day? Staff had a rough day and your stuff can wait till tomorrow? Cancel that sucker! And wait for the sounds of rejoicing from your staff. (Feel free to still set out the snacks though)


Voila! Now you can have super awesome staff meetings with your camp staff.

Warning: these tips are pretty specific to camp. While some of these tips are useful anywhere (ie. be positive & concise) I don’t necessarily recommend having a theme meeting with your board of directors (but if you do, please take pictures and post them here.)
Oh, and bring snacks. Everyone loves snacks. 🙂



Do you have any go to tips or techniques for running a wildly awesome meeting at camp? Tell me about them in the comment section below.



  • I’m pretty new to this site (and loving it!) but couldn’t find any follow up on “themed meetings”. I’ve never seen these before, and would be really interested in some of your ideas for those! I have meetings with my staff every day and they can get pretty dry. I’d LOVE to mix them up throughout the summer!

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site!! 🙂
      I have to apologize, I never did get around to finishing the post about themed meetings.
      Thanks for the reminder though, I’ll get working on it and you can expect something around mid November.
      If there’s anything else you’d like to see on here, just let me know. I’m always looking for new post ideas. 🙂

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